Special vehicles  from production plant in Russia

Tank semi-trailers for transportation of any liquids

Research & Development Department with 86 years of experience

Serial production and custom configuration

Warranty service and post-warranty maintenance

Types of full and semi-trailers for transportation:   

  • Bulk solids and powdery goods (cement, dolomite and barite powder, mineral fertilizers, flour, feed stuff) with capacity of 10 to 35 tons.
  • Light oil products (petrol, diesel fuel, solvents)
  • Heavy oil products (bitumen, heavy fuel oil, petroleum crude, heating gas oil) 
  • Liquefied hydrocarbon gases (propane, butane)
  • Food products

Features of “Becema” tank trucks:


Full functionality is retained in the temperature range of -40 to +50˚С. This feature allows to optimize fueling of special purpose motor vehicles and temporary storage of cargoes, and also effectively solves transportation problems of any complexity.


Road tank vehicles, road trains and fuel tanker trucks on vehicle chassis KAMAZ, MAZ, VOLVO, TATRA, SCANIA, MAN, semi-trailers that can be used with 6х4/2 or 4х2 tractor units of foreign or Russian manufacture.


Special technologies that allow for  long life of the vehicles: low-alloy steel 09G2S and aluminium, torispherical-bottom tanks, freeze protection and heat insulation, thick exterior paint coating with flash drying in chambers produced in the Netherlands.


Large capacity: up to 30 m3 for gasoline tankers and bitumen tankers, up to 16 m3 for water tanker trucks, up to 30,6 m3 for gas road tankers  and road trains, up to 32 m3 for food grade tanker trucks. It is also possible to equip vehicles with diesel burner or steam heating system for long distance transportation of heavy oil  products.


All of our products are painted with acrylic-polyurethane enamel and flash-dried in CWN company drying chambers. Tanker trucks can be customized to suit your requirements and painted any color you prefer. Our plant  takes into consideration specifics of the tasks and   customers feedback, and offers large production range, customized vehicle configuration and wide range of colors.


Compliance with  GOST  standards and European requirements for quality and safe shipping of light and heavy oil products, liquids (chemical and food-grade), LPG and bulk materials. This ensures maximum operating safety.   

Basic configuration can be customized to suit your requirements.
You can always see what stage your order is at.
We ship to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Yemen, Libya, Kingdom of Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco.

Our long-term clients entrust their success to us

Our long-term clients entrust their success to us

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Sales department contacts:

Address: Russia, the Moscow Region,
Krasnogorsk, Ilyinskoe shosse, 143405
Phone:      +7 (495) 777 02 27
Email:       market@becema.ru

Vice general manager of sales
Elfenbain Eduard 
Email: elfened@becema.ru

Head of marketing & Sales road construction equipment
Blohina Julia
Email: blohina@becema.ru  

The quality of ZAO “BECEMA” production equals or betters its foreign counterparts. We offer our advanced experience, European quality and safety in operation. We guarantee favorable terms of supply, technical support, warranty service and post-warranty maintenance. You can count on reliable equipment, reduced costs and reasonable expenses by purchasing our vehicles!

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Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.